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Which Version?

Some hold that “the one true church” began in Acts 2 and continues to this very day, alongside many false churches.  (Let them identify which one they think is the real one, and then we can discuss it.)  Meanwhile, others prefer … Continue reading

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A Little Humility Is In Order

The Bible has about 35,000 verses. Assuming, for the sake of argument, that each verse had one and only one bit if information in it, that gives us a metaphorical jigsaw puzzle with about 35,000 pieces in it. But it … Continue reading

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The Nature of the Bible Texts: Something Worth Pondering

Preterists have figured out that the second coming of Jesus happened circa 70AD, even though there is ZERO historical narrative about that event in the Bible. They figured it out largely based on the prophecies that it was GOING to … Continue reading

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