About State of the Church

The various articles in the category above (“State of the Church”) are crucial for proving that it is impossible for “The Church” of today is the same body as the ekklesia that Jesus and his apostles built in the First Century.  This whole line of argumentation tackles the Temporary Ekklesia issue from the other end.  That is, where the remainder of the TE Theory is based from evidences in the texts, this end of it points to how today’s churches are of obviously different character from what Jesus initiated, groomed, and supported.

If, as some argue, the ekklesia of Jesus is continuing on the earth today, therefore, where is it?  Indeed, not one modern church bears the most fundamental characteristics of the original ekklesia.

NOTE:  For those who insist that the TET must be wrong because scriptures make it obvious that the ekklesia was to be eternal, I respectfully point out that no such passage states or implies that the ekklesia would remain on the earth past 70AD.  Indeed, Jesus came, just as promised, and took the ekklesia with him, where it exists to this day in Heaven.  And though I cannot prove it as firmly as I wish, I believe that each of us has a chance to go and join them when we die, provided we have chosen a life that pleases God.