About Imminence

Of all the various proofs related to the Temporary Ekklesia Theory, none is so well documented and easy to demonstrate as the fact that Jesus’ return was definitely considered imminent amongst the First Century believers.  Indeed, we first witness the prophets foretelling it centuries before.  Then at the arrival of Jesus, he promised that it would be in his own generation.  Thence we read the apostles mentioning that the transition of ages was “upon” their contemporaries, and that they were in the “last days”.  And if all this weren’t obvious enough, we even have references in some of the later works to “the last hour”!

The evidence here is largely presented by simply showing relevant excerpts from scripture with no commentary added.  (This, by the way, is the presentation style of the category “Body of Language”, which is listed separately in the navigation bar above.)

If Jesus and his apostles were wrong about the imminence they portrayed, then the believer has a whole new set of problems to address, for how could he have been inspired and wrong at the same time?