About Anatomy of the Spiritual Situation

If you come to visit me in my studio, we will sit and talk for a bit and I may ask you “Is it dark in here?”  You will look around for a few seconds, pondering the question, and then you will likely say either “Yes” or “No”.  Suppose, however, that Billy had been sitting in my studio already when you arrived.  And suppose also that just before you got there, I went to the dimmer switch for the chandeliers that hang from the ceiling and adjusted the dimmer from 50% to 100%.  Billy was there when I did so, so he saw it in a dimmer state, and he saw the change to the brighter state.

When I ask “Is it dark in here”, Billy is very likely to give an emphatic “No”—or at least to say, “Well, I wish it were brighter yet, but it’s much better than it was just a few minutes ago.”  You, however, have no sense of the history of the lighting level in that room.  So to you, the question is really about your personal preference in lighting levels.  Perhaps you think it’s dark, or perhaps you do not.

So it is with many believers today when they ponder the question of “what time it is” in the world.  They look about and see both good and bad things.  Then they read the Bible (casually for most) and make a few quick associations between what it says and what they witness today.  And for them, that’s enough “math”; they’re “done” with the question.

Little do they know that it was once much “darker” on the Earth than it is today.  Little do they know that Jesus “turned the lights up” in a major way when he conquered Satan and his angels, along with the evil spirits, removing them all from the Earth.  Little do they know that the sins and evils on the Earth today are nothing more than the (bad) practice of human free will.  Rather, they mistakenly assume that it is as dark now as it ever was (if not darker), and that all evil is the direct work of Satan.

Many rush headlong into “figuring out” the “end times” events without first doing their homework on just how the stage was set before those great tumults were to begin.  Here are some of the things that need to be understood before we can rightly understand “the end of the story”.

  • How did Satan come to be here?
  • What was his role and/or authority, if any?
  • How many evil angels were on his side?
  • What was the nature and origin of the demons?
  • Who were the “Kings of the Earth” and how did they get to be such?
  • When did demon possession begin on the earth?
  • What did the Law of Moses have to do with what Satan was doing on the earth at that time, if anything?
  • What did the New Covenant have to do with what Satan was doing on the earth at that time, if anything?
  • Who were the “Sons of God” in Genesis 6?
  • Which exact angels were put into “prison” (2 Peter 2:4, Jude 6), and for what, exactly, were they being punished?
  • What was the spiritual effect of Noah’s flood?

These and other questions will be addressed in this category of posts.