The New Testament Timeline (IN PROGRESS)

The goal of this post is to provide for the reader a rough idea of what I think was the timeline for the major New Testament events that are particularly relevant to the Temporary Ekklesia Theory.  I’ll add hyperlinks for supporting articles as time allows, but from the following, you can at least get the idea of my current model of understanding.

I’m sorry this is so sketchy at first, but time is limited, and I’ve got to start somewhere.  I’m telling myself that I’ll fill in the details bit by bit, starting soon—but we’ll see how it actually goes.

3 BC 
Jesus is born.  (Learn more about this here.)

30 BC
Jesus is crucified and resurrected.  He brings with him from Sheol/Hades the “whole house of Israel” (Ezekiel 37), who are the “clouds” with which he ascends to heaven 40 days later (Acts 1).  This first resurrection sets the “thousand years” clock ticking.  (The “thousand years” was not meant to be understood literally.  I believe it referred to an unspecified amount of time.

66 AD
The faithful in Jerusalem flee upon seeing the “abomination”.  They flee in response to Jesus’ long-standing warning.  They go to a war-abandoned city in what is modern-day Pella, Jordan, where they are protected for about three and a half years.

70 AD
Jerusalem and the Temple are destroyed by Titus and his troops.  (Yahweh is behind this in fulfillment of the prophecies of its destruction.)  Satan and his team of fallen divines surround the camp of the faithful at Jordan and are killed, in fulfillment of the Psalm 82 judgment against them.  (Yes, they had bodies, and they “died like men”, as per the prophecy.)  The faithful are taken up to heaven—not just in Pella, but everywhere they exist.  Hades is emptied of everyone in it and is made obsolete.  Those beings who ran it (“Death and Hades” ) are destroyed.  The spirits of all the now-dead divines are sent to the Lake of Fire, never to get out.  About a million Jews are killed in judgment, because they knew better.  The other non-faithful humans on the planet remain alive, while the Christians are taken to heaven.  This ended the “thousand years” with the “second resurrection”—that of all who remained in Hades/Sheol.

Since 70 AD
The spirits of Satan and all the rebellious divines are in the Lake of Fire, never to get out.  Human spirits sent there are annihilated–and while their punishment is eternal and irreversible, their punishing is only temporary before they are snuffed out.  Humans who die today do not go to Hades/Sheol, but straight to see God, who rewards them for “what they have done while in the body, whether good or bad.”

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